South Harrison Water Corp.

Employees .....

The staff of SHWC is made up of the following employees (years of service):

Bruce Cunningham - General Manager (21)
William Stewart - Treatment Plant Operator (23)
Laura Miller - Office Supervisor (20)
Deanna Curts - Customer Service Clerk (19)
Mike Woertz - Superintendent (19)
Mark Buzzee - Water Technician (15)
Donnie Satori - Water Technician (3)
Nathan Heinze - Water Technician (2)
Kristain Catlett - Customer Service Clerk (1).

A water utility is required by the State of Indiana to have at least one licensed operator on staff. South Harrison Water has five treatment plant licensed operators, five wastewater licensed operators, and six distribution system licensed operators. All told our 8 employees hold 20 different state certification licenses.